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Heater Products

AdelWiggins’ Heaters and Heated Hoses provide freeze protection for fluid and pneumatic conveyance systems throughout an aircraft.

  • Proven reliability

  • Simplified installation eliminates need to wrap heaters


  • 70% reduction in installation times

  • Increased revenue miles


  • Lightweight


  • 400F Temperature limit


  • Reinforced cross-section


  • Thermostatic control available

Ribbon Heaters


Heater Cuff & Manifolds

  • Freeze protection for aircraft fitting and valves


  • Used for interface components associated with hydraulic, water and waste systems

  • Complex or straight shapes


Heater Blankets

  • Freeze protection for aircraft ducting systems

  • Low wattage heating device


  • Constructed of fire retardant materials


  • Thermostatically controlled switches


  • Thermal cut-off devices


Gasket Heaters

  • The HG/KH series heater gaskets provide protection against the potential buildup of ice which may form on or in the valve portion of the Flush/Fill, Potable Water and Waste Dump Lever Lock assemblies


  • Construced using an epoxy compound which when molded and cured provides a very stable substrate for the etched foil elements.

  • Unlike the common silicone heaters currently available and installed, these assemblies will not cold flow or delaminate

Ribbon Heaters
Heater Cuffs & Manifolds
Heater Blankets
Gasket Heaters
Cartridge Heaters
  • Heater consists of a 22 Watt heating device


  • Constructed using a state of the art Electron Beam Welding technique hermetically sealing the heating element within a metallic chamber

  • Provide added safety from any operator abuse

Cartridge Heaters

Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses

  • The AdelWiggins heated hose provides protection for the potential freezing of the potable water on board the aircraft


  • The unheated hose has the same construction pedigree less than heating element

  • AdelWiggins also offers a program to customers for the supply of hoses, fittings and crimping capability allowing the user to cut to length, select a fitting and fitting attachment

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